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When you’re in the mood for some down and dirty porn chat, you obviously head online to get what you’re after.

Whether you like Asian chat, kinky couples chat or teen webcam shows where you can pant – or type your suggestions, there is a smörgåsbord of hot porn chat out there to satisfy your urges. Flirt4free, and Camcontacts are a few to name.

You can find a lot of fantastic looking girls on sites like, and they get into some really nasty stuff. Some of these girls are drop dead gorgeous, and there are different sections for whatever tickles your fancy.

Check out the British section for some major babes, but be prepared for a few with that horsey look that unfortunately some English gals have.

Actually, is a pretty good porn chat site, although it’s a tad pricey you do get $10 of free credits when you sign up. So if you want to chat with a slutty teen in her bedroom or pay the price for porn chat with a glamorous professional model, you can easily find it at this site. is completely amateur, but most of the girls look professional, and there are some really hot women on the site. Of course, there are a few ugly exceptions, but that’s what that “X” in the top corner of your browser is for, right? If you get bored of single girl action after a few tugs, you can switch to some steamy lesbian action for something a little more entertaining.

Imlive will get you hot and bothered fast with the adult section webcams, and unlike it won’t cost you an arm and a leg for good porn chat. There’s a huge selection of adult webcams for porn chat, but there’s also a slew of non-adult cams that feature experts talking about non-sexual things. I guess if you want to get off with a sexy porn chat and then get some tips on gardening or Internet marketing, it could be the place for you. But who wants to be distracted by a bulk of non-adult stuff when all they want is porn chat? Maybe I’m asking too much here, but all I want on imlive is porn, porn, porn.

With so much sex chat out there, it’s great to have selection. If you stop by ifriends, that’s exactly what you’ll get. There’s way too much to even begin to know where to start, but believe me, that’s a compliment when it comes to porn chat. Paralyzed by indecision, I made my way to the search option – once you click on the section that you want to check out, you can specify exactly the type of porn chat you want. You can choose things like eye color, hair color, body type and ethnicity – sort of like creating your perfect girl, only she charges you a few dollars a minute to talk to her…but I digress. I built the perfect woman and boom – I was greeted with a bunch of webcam porn chat options.

It’s very stimulating to be able to tell the lusty ladies exactly what you want them to do. Sites like imlive and ifriends have this streaming cam option – you can get them to follow your every command during the porn chat – anything from licking their tits to shoving objects into their pussies. It’s a great way to get even more interactive with the whole webcam experience. Unlike many regular girls, they won’t gasp in disgust or run the other way when you ask them to fulfill your nastiest fantasies.

Not to leave out the ladies, you can find some great male hot porn chat on sites like imlive and flirt4free. You can often choose the type of guy you want – well hung, mature, muscular, and so on. This saves you from wading through numerous web cam dudes who belong more in the circa 1989 exotic dancer category. To save yourself the cheesy mustaches or feathered hair, I suggest narrowing down your search with the search option tool. The amateur action is often better than other webcam sites with more professional male models – although it’s hard to tell with porn chat as it could be a professional disguised as an amateur for all we know. Luckily, amateur doesn’t mean ugly on these male porn chat sites – for the most part, anyways.

While porn chat is more expensive than your straight up porn sites or basic web cams, it’s worth it to be able to talk in real time to a world of hotties, right at your fingertips.

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